Meet the Doc

Dr. William Peay is a licensed chiropractor who treats a multitude of conditions through therapeutic exercise, chiropractic manipulation, Active Release Technique (ART), and FAKTR functional taping.

Clinic Hours

Monday : 7:30 - 12 & 2 - 6
Tuesday : 8 - 12 & 2 - 6
Wednesday : 7:30 - 12 & 2 - 6
Thursday : 8 - 12 & 2 - 6
Friday : 7:30 - 2
Saturday : By Appointment Only

New Patients

To save some time during your first appointment, please feel free to download, print, and complete our New Patient Forms before you arrive. You can download our new patient forms HERE.

Zachary Spine and Sports Rehabilitation

Dr. Peay is an expert in the function of the body during movement. Zachary Spine and Sports Rehab’s mission is to help each patient achieve optimal function in order to lead them towards an active and healthy lifestyle.

Spinal Adjustment Zachary

Spinal Adjustments

Restoring joint mobility by manually applying a controlled force into joints that have become hypomobile – or restricted in their movement – as a result of a tissue injury.

Active Release Technique Zachary

Active Release Technique

The Gold Standard for Soft Tissue Treatment. Active Release Treatment is used for acute and chronic injuries and repetitive motion sprains and strains.

Kinesiology Taping Zachary

Functional Taping

Functional taping is designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process while allowing support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body’s range of motion.