Athletes will function faster, stronger, and longer.

Patients will be more mobile and comfortable while performing their hobbies, work duties and activities of daily living.

Chiropractic is based on the fact that the nervous system controls the function of the total body.  Throughout our daily routines and activities we compensate for restrictions causing decreased movement.

Dr. Peay is trained and certified in finding and correcting these compensatory movements through the chiropractic adjustment, soft tissue mobility, and active care. Restoring mobility and creating stability will allow the body to function at its finest level.

At Zachary Spine and Sports Rehab, a variety of services are offered.  We believe that a combination of the chiropractic adjustment, Active Release Technique™, strengthening and stabilizing of the muscles, and functional taping can all be vital components to the body functioning at it's maximum potential.

Zachary Spine and Sports Rehab values each of our patients' health. In our practice you will be treated like family.