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Trigger Point Dry Needling

Trigger point dry needling (TDN) is an effective therapy for treatment of both chronic and acute myofascial injuries. It involves the use of a thin filament needle being inserted into the muscle to help stimulate the healing process of any damaged or inflamed tissues. It can help to decrease muscular tension and spasming, which may occur with a variety of injuries throughout the body such as arthritissprains and strainsnerve impingementsdisc herniationstendinopathies, along with a variety of other sporting and work-related injuries. It does not involve the use of any injectable materials into the body, hence the name `dry’ needling. TDN allows us to penetrate the deeper tissues of the body, often providing longer lasting results compared to traditional therapeutic massage and other soft tissue therapies.

What to expect…

Dr. William Peay, D.C. will begin by assessing the area where the muscle adhesions and trigger points are located. During the session, you may or may not feel the insertion of the “acupuncture-like needle”. Often a twitch response of the muscle can be expected during treatment. Because we are treating areas of discomfort, it is not uncommon to feel mildly sore immediately following treatment. Typically, decreased levels in pain along with improvements in range of motion can be experienced shortly following your TDN session.