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Active Release Technique

ART® stands for Active Release Techniques.

It is a highly successful hands-on treatment method to address problems in the soft tissues of the body, including the muscles, ligaments, fascia, and nerves. ART treatment is highly successful in dealing with injuries because it is specifically designed to locate and treat scar tissue adhesions that accumulate in the muscles and surrounding soft tissues. By locating and treating the soft-tissue adhesions with ART®, it allows the practitioner to, one, breakup restrictive adhesions, two, reinstate normal tissue flexibility and movement, and three, more completely restore flexibility, balance, and stability to the injured area as well as the entire kinetic chain.

One of the best things about ART is how fast it can get results. In our experience, the majority of injuries respond very well to ART treatment, especially when combined with the appropriate home stretching and strengthening exercises. Although each case is unique and there are several factors that will determine the length of time required to fully resolve each condition, we usually find a significant improvement can be gained in just 4 – 6 treatments. These results are the main reason that many elite athletes and professional sports teams have ART, practitioners on staff, and why ART is an integral partof the Ironman triathlon series.

Are you experiencing chronic pain and discomfort from stiff and sore muscles and are looking for relief with long-lasting results? Certified Zachary Spine & Sports Rehabilitation chiropractors are trained and experienced to alleviate muscle tension and stress through carefully applied pressure and manipulation of tissue that relieves chronic pain and restores optimal physical functioning.